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John and Katie have traveled to many places to see the splendors of the planet and record them in photographs and paintings. They have both been dive master and rescue certified and sea kayakers. They studied dolphins for ten years in the Sea of Cortez. They truly love to share their finds with new and experienced travelers, whether it be expeditions to the Silver Banks to snorkel with humpback whales, Africa—to observe olive baboons and elephants, or the rain forests and highlands of Peru.

John R. Gentile has observed and photographed marine mammals for over 30 years. He is a writer of fiction and nonfiction and works as a physical therapist. His science fiction/ adventure novels, the SOFAR Trilogy, are exciting tales that involve whales and dolphins and a delightful alien. He has written one other book and several screenplays. In a former life, he was a paramedic with Mountain Rescue. Learn more about John, his novels, and his photography at his official website: JohnRGentile.com

Katie Iverson has taught marine biology at Pima Community College for over 25 years. She is an artist (paintings, sculptures, and photographs) and teacher of painting and drawing and was director of the Blue Raven Gallery for nearly seven years. She wrote scripts and produced self-paced videos for alternative biology learning packages. She has written magazine articles, edits books, and was the illustrator and one of the authors of Magnetism of Mata Ortiz.

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